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You can find M'OISHI in Riyadh Saudi Arabia at three locations. In the Spirit of bringing M'OISHÎ closer to you, 12 more shops are set to open in Riyadh in the next three years


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United Arab Emirates

Moishi Bangladesh is a concern of IAN Food and Beverage LTD. IAN Food and Beverage been involved in the food and beverage business for a long time now. The company believes in redefining the desserts and ice cream industry and set new standards in Bangladesh. Moishi is an experience itself.Finding novel tastes and textures that expose us to wholly other feelings is what it's all about. A really novel and unusual snack is created by reinterpreting a Japanese classic with Mediterranean knowledge. With pillowy, perfect mochi ball magic, premium mango ice cream, and a little spice – this squishtastic snack is sure to give your cravings, cravings. M'oishi has various flavours for mochi ice cream. Along with it, Moshi also has various desserts and drinks